Panini Vision




Panini Vision X Series Check Scanners

The Vision X Scanner is the next generation check scanning platform designed specifically for distributed check capture. Incorporating the reliability, quality and performance of the market  leading My Vision X® product suite, the Vision X provides advanced  features with a strong commitment to backward compatibility and industry  leading price/performance.


  • 50 documents per minute (DPM) based on 6” check specification.
  • Auto feed model for mid to high volume applications
  • Automatic Document Feeder for easy operator use
  • Intelligent Printing Capability – endorsement based on MICR read or image.
  • Automatic inkjet cartridge detection and ink level monitoring.
  • Advanced MICR reading algorithms in Panini MICR Plus® to ensure MICR read accuracy.
  • High Speed Image Cameras – offering true color image capture and  multiple settings for image resolution (100, 200, or 300 DPI or dots per  inch), offering maximum image flexibility.
  • High Torque Motors – quiet performance and reliable, operator friendly feeding of documents.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity with WHQL certification for device recognition and simplified implementation.


  • 50 DPM
  • 100 Document Feeder Capacity
  • Non Ink Jet